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Today i am going to share my recipe on mix veg dhaba style

you can also try this recipe as a veg gravy recipe you can try its gravy also and if you add less water and make your gravy just to cover all fried vegetable you can make it as dry mix veg recipe that is shown in this post.

INGREDIENTS – For mix veg recipe (Khade masale)

Gravy ke liye

  1. Badi ilayechi
  2. Tej Patta (Bay leave)
  3. Jeera (1 tsp Cumin seeds)
  4. Adrak or lasun
  5. Tamater 6 kate hue
  6. Pyaz 4 mid size kate hue (pyaz app zyda bhi lee sakte )
  7. haldi powder
  8. red chilli powder
  9. Dhaniya powder
  10. garam masala
  11. salt per taste
  12. hari mirch
  13. Dhaniya pattie
  14. Dahi thodi si
  15. butter
  16. cream

Vegitables – Sabjiya

  1. 200 gms Beans, chopped
  2. 1 cup Peas
  3. 1 1/2 Potatoes, chopped (aloo)
  4. 1 Capsicum, chopped (Simla mirch)
  5. 250 gms Carrot, chopped (gajjer)
  6. 1 medium Cauliflower, (small size florets)
  7. 5-6 tbsp Vegetable Oil
  8. 100GM Cottage cheese (paneer)

Step 1- For mix veg recipe dhaba style

kadhayi me 4 tblspn tell (oil) garam kare

mix veg recipe dhaba style
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Tell garam kere
heat oil and add khade masale
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Sare khade masale dale
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Jeera add kere or thoda bhun le

Usme sare khade masale dale jaisi ki jeera, tejj patta , badi ilayechi ,sabut adrak lasun , tamater ,pyaz or heri mirch thodasa bhunne k bad usme pani dal ker pakye

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Tamater or pyaz add kere or thoda bhun le
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Pani daal ke usse dhak ker paka le

STEP2- For mix veg recipe dhaba style

Dusre burtun me tell garam kare accha khasha jisse hum sari sabjiza fry ker sake

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EK Ke bad ek sabziya fry ker le
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STEP3-For mix veg recipe dhaba style

jo hamari gravy hai usse thanda hone k bad pish le

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STEP4 – For mix veg recipe dhaba style

Jiss tell me hamne sabziya fry kere hai ussi tell me jeera ka tadka lagye or fir ye pisha hua gravy usse add kere gravy pehle se boiled hai paka hua toh usse bs tell me thode der pakye or fir sale masale dale jaise haldi ,namak , dhaniya powder ,kashmiri lal mirch powder fir usme butter add kere fir sari fry ki hue sabziya

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Step5 – Finish kerne k usse 1/2 table spon garam masal dale or hera dhaniya or barikh heri mirch or sth hi me crushed papad dale (papad optional)
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Note -mix veg recipe dhaba style dry –

To make it dry you just have to add less water and you have to make gravy according to the vegetable you fried so gravy can cover all the vegetable like lappeta

About Dhaba Style Cooking –“Punjabi goes wherever the Dhaba goes.”

Informations are from wikipedia

The first Punjabi Dhaba was probably established just after connecting the cities of India with highways (national, state, and village roads). Although there is no record is mentioned as the first Punjabi Dhaba was established, it can be assumed that such restaurants first MADEon the side of the Grand Trunk Road, which runs from Peshawar (now in Pakistan) in Punjab to Amritsar and Delhi. Used to walk from Calcutta.

There is now an extensive network of Punjabi communities throughout the world, and many Punjabis have opened up Dhabas in remote areas (such as service stations on the Trans-Canada Highway network).

The earthen structures and planks were characteristic for sitting on (charpoy) while eating in Dhabas. A wooden plank on which to place the utensils will be placed in the width of the cot. Over time, the tables were replaced by tables. Food is usually cheap and has a ‘homemade’ feel to it.

Specialty Of Punjabi style vegetarian food

Pure vegetarian food served can become a paratha depending on the variety of vegetables, of which one – a potato paratha is the most popular. Cooked, mashed, and spiced vegetables like parathas stuffed with cauliflower are popular with breakfast yogurt or tea.

Vegetarian food – Lunch or dinner – Chana Masala, Pindi Chana, Vegetables & Lentils, Mustard Saag, Palak Paneer, Bharwan Karela, Sabz Korma, Rajma or Kadhi.

Paneer dishes are essential in vegetarian dishes. It is cooked with all kinds of vegetables. Such popular dishes are spinach paneer or saag paneer, Matar paneer, paneer makhani, etc.

Maan flour made naan and paratha, Rotis (make di roti), Makke, and rumali roti chapatis are typical Indian bread.

The basic gravy used for vegetables and meat dishes is onion-tomato-garlic-ginger.

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